Gig Listing

Gigs shown here are solo and duo(with Sandy Marshal) performances.
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31st May - McKays, Pitlochry (Duo)

21st June - McKays, Pitlochry (Duo)

29th June - The Lade Inn, Kilmahog

14th July - Pine Marten Bar, Glenmore

19th July - McKays, Pitlochry (Duo)

5th August - Duchally Country Estate
18th August - Pine Marten Bar, Glenmore
19th August - Duchally Country Estate

23rd August - McKays, Pitlochry (Duo)
31st August - The Lade Inn, Kilmahog
1st September - Pine Marten Bar, Glenmore
22nd September - Duchally Country Estate

27th September - McKays, Pitlochry (Duo)
28 September - The Lade Inn, Kilmahog

18th October - McKays, Pitlochry (Duo)
27th October - Duchally Country Estate
8th December - Duchally Country Estate